420 Done Right

On the eve of the cannabis industry’s biggest day of the year—we thought it would be appropriate to take a look how brands are advertising to promote 420.

If you haven't noticed, mainstream brands have been jumping on the 420 band wagon over the past couple of years . Not surprising, many of these campaigns are fast food and snack food brands. The perfect combo (pardon the pun) for stoners in search of satisfying the munchies. One of the more prominent brands taking advantage of the cannabis holiday is Burger King.

Courtesy: Burger King

But Burger King is in good company. Company's like Jimmy John's, the division of Inspire Brands, is celebrating "the highest of unofficial holidays" with the Deliciously Dope Dime Bag--a $10 meal design to quell the munchies.

Courtesy: Carl's Jr., Jack In The Box, Denny's Snow Days and CANN.

But the Food and Beverage industry aren't the only brands cashing in. One of our clients, Southern Ease Trading company--a Delta9 Hemp-based edible company located in North Carolina wanted to promote their mini-packs of alcohol-flavored gummies. When we created the Southern Ease brand we always pay heritage to their rich Southern heritage.

Courtesy: Southern Ease

The concept of Mountain Remedy, a Bay-area cannabis delivery company's advertising campaign was "It's in the bag" paying homage to the fact they deliver weed.

Courtesy: Mountain Remedy

For Rose Mary Jane, an Oakland, California-based cannabis dispensary, we created ads to celebrate the holiday.

Courtesy: Rose Mary Jane

Our most recent 420 ads were part of a 90-day programmatic ad campaign for Culture Cannabis Club, a California and Ohio dispensary chain. In March we set the stage by teasing that 420 was just around the corner.

Courtesy: Culture Cannabis Club

As the campaign expanded into the month of April we created three 420 ads that humanized our brand hero.

Courtesy: Culture Cannabis Club
Courtesy: Culture Cannabis Club
Courtesy: Culture Cannabis Club

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