Authentically natural.

Origins is a multi-state-operator founded in 2018 with dispensaries located in Oklahoma and Washington state. Origins embodies the innovative spirit of the Northwest, catering to a new generation of cannabis consumers.


Inspired by a greater purpose.

Origins believes that wellbeing isn’t something you buy–it’s discovered. Disappointed by the industry’s lack of attention and care for consumers’ wellbeing, the founders created a company that treats their customers the way they want to begreeted. No gimmicks. No distractions. No pressure to buy.

Just naturally friendly people who look forward to making people happy.


Explore confidently.

Having been burned in the past, the CEO of Origins wasn’t a big fan of marketing. And who could blame him? Having worked with a half-dozen other agencies over the years providing dismal results. Instead of pitching Origins to carve out a piece of their 2021 ad budget, we proposed implementing a simple 90-day omni-channel pilot to lower costs and demonstrate ROI early on


Driven by a vision that transcends trends.

We rolled up our sleeves and conducted a digital audit of the Origins Cannabis  website. From an SEO perspective, there were plenty of areas requiring improvement. We recommended search engine optimization and a content strategy that would allow their brand’s personality to shine while making Origins a topical authority on a variety of cannabis search queries.

It was important for Origins that we focus on attaining net-new growth. Knowing that Origins had established a great reputation within their local communities, made the case that we also needed to focus on former customers who hadn’t visited an Origins dispensary within the past six months. In order to accomplish this, we needed better insight as to who their customers were and how they compared to today’s engaged consumers.

Leveraging geo-spatial tools we were able to draw a polygon around each location to analyze visitor demographic data. Our map-based geographical visualization tools enabled us to see visitor patterns–where they come from, how far they traveled, and how frequently they visited. Our analysis allowed us to gain essential insights into Origins’ customers. Demographic characteristics included age, gender, household income, interests, etc.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation


Enlightening the world. One blog at a time.

We know the importance of well-written content and how it amplifies search engine optimization. Our content and SEO teams worked closely together with Origins’ stakeholders to map out a variety of topics. The strategy was to choose topics that would educate, tie in the local communities, as well as promote certain holiday promotions. Each blog targeted the top keywords that our SEO team was aiming to rank for.

Campaign Strategy

Running with the herd is not always a great idea.

As our ad ops team was busy analyzing demographic data and building customer audiences for the upcoming programmatic advertising campaign, the Wunderworx creative team began developing several ad campaign concepts. These mood boards not only got the creative juices flowing, but also reinforced our initial thoughts to leverage Origins’ rich, well-established brand. The campaign strategy was to develop three different programmatic advertising campaigns targeting three customer profiles.


Right message. Right person. Right time.

Our jam session led us to the creation of three campaigns, targeting three different audiences. The first campaign entitled ‘Explore Confidently’ tapped into Origins’ core values and their connection to the untamed northwest frontier. To target Origins’ former and current clientele, we created a campaign we called ‘Stay Connected’. The goal of this campaign was to remind our target audience how valued they were/are. Lastly, we wanted to attract Seattle’s cannabis connoisseurs. We wanted to target those who enjoy regularly smoking flower with a campaign called ‘Some Assembly Required’.



Impressions Served





$ 48,280


482.6 %


Search Engine Optimization

Winning the online popularity contest.

The first step of our 90-Day pilot called for an in-depth SEO audit of Origins’ website. Like most websites that were several years old, we had our fair share of broken links to fix, duplicate pages to eliminate, meta titles & descriptions that needed fine tuning, page speed improvement, correction of Alt Tags, and a plan to shift from low traffic keywords to higher valued keywords.

Armed with this knowledge, we had several team members focused on the above while others began to analyze Origins’ competitors’ websites. Our Google engineering team analyzed their competitors’ keywords in order to formulate our own keyword strategy. By focusing on the gaps we identified we were able to find opportunities worthy of exploitation. Having created our new keyword lists, our Google team worked with our content creation team to leverage these keywords into their blogs.

Finally, we implemented a back link strategy that focused on company profile listings, PDF, document and image submissions, as well as social and local backlinks. The results of which speak for themselves.



Impressions Served





$ 273,049


2,275 %


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