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High altitude indoor sun grown cannabis. Sustainability, science, technology and the full power of the sun. Colorado’s tastiest handcrafted artisanal bud.


Cultivation without limits.

Revel Cultivars, known for some of the highest quality wholesale cannabis in Colorado, had made a name for themselves in just two short years.

Situated 7,500ft above the San Luis Valley, which is the highest alpine valley in the world surrounded by five 14,000ft mountain peaks towering above hot springs and forested foothills where the sun shines more than 300 days a year.


A fresh approach to a brand makeover.

With the introduction of pre-packaged bud, owners of Revel Cultivars wanted a complete do-over. Starting with a new name and logo that captures the imagination of both cannabis connoisseurs and terpene-hunter consumers. The challenge ahead of them was two-fold: to educate the legacy cannabis market about their unique innovative cultivation method; and to capture the attention of purchase managers in a saturated market.


Old logo


A holistic approach.

We do what most agencies can’t or are simply afraid to do. Purposely built for the cannabis industry, we were asked to wear many hats and leadership roles such as:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Name
  • Visual Brand
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Direction for Packaging, Website & Marketing
  • Go-To-Market Strategy

Strategy isn’t the consequence of planning, but the starting point.

Because the client’s cultivation method is unique using a Sustainable Indoor Sungrown cultivation method that maximizes quality and efficiency, we felt compelled to tell this rich story. The challenge was their method is easily mistaken in the market for being a traditional greenhouse or outdoor sungrown method.

Communicating the distinct innovative quality of “high altitude indoor sungrown” was key to establishing the value of the product.

Brand Strategy

A brand name worthy of their reputation.

We wanted a name that was exciting and felt larger than life. Something that captured the team and their approach to cultivation and pushing boundaries. We started with our first round of exploration mood boards.

The team settled on a variation of our last recommendation and chose Astronomic. Astronomic is a word that means “inconceivably large” and is related to the sun. It also applies to the consumption experience, appealing to customers looking for that “astronomic high”.

Brand Identity

Every great design begins with a story.

We then worked closely with the client’s existing partner, Los Angeles, California-based artist, IM OK Design to explore and design the logo.

Package Design

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Armed with a dynamic colorful logo, the Astronomic team introduced us to their packaging company, Miami, Florida-based Happy Head Marketing to provide creative oversight into new packaging.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Our creative team worked closely with Canna Planners in redesigning Astronomic’s website, providing creative direction, site map, layout and writing strategy.

Go-To- Market Strategy

Building relationships before the sale.

The final task of the engagement was to develop a launch strategy to introduce the new brand to their existing dispensaries and for the first time, to introduce the brand to consumers. Developing a new identity was only a means to an end.

Astronomic needed a launch strategy to introduce the brand to consumers.

Colorado has a vibrant tourism industry and the locals tend to be outdoor adventure enthusiasts, spending their weekends mountain biking, hiking and rafting. We wanted to tap into the tourism sector and beautiful surroundings by establishing Astronomic as a tourist destination. We designed a monthly tour of Astronomic that’s open to the public. Visitors can meet & greet with the master grower  and join the team on a guided outdoor activity. The Tour is a highly marketable event that will allow Astronomic to gain brand presence outside of the cannabis space and advertise in non-regulated media.

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