Rose Mary Jane

Feel Good. Do Good.

Rose Mary Jane, is a new multi-state-operator with dispensaries located in California and Maine. Their mission is to create an experience and selection founded on advocacy for fairness, justice, and social equity. With a passionate, socially-active leadership team, we wanted to help them convey their greater purpose through all consumer touchpoints with the brand and capture the hearts and minds of cannabis consumers in the area.


Motivated by purpose and passion.

At Rose Mary Jane, farm to table isn’t a fad–it’s a way of life. They care about the products they put in your body, just as they care about what they put in theirs. That’s why everything they offer is only the highest quality, grown naturally by gardens whom you can trust.


Putting the wow in the wow-factor.

Having an identity is one thing–knowing how to position it is completely another. We started by getting to know Rose Mary Jane’s unique mission as a company and how it fits into the perspectives of local shoppers. Would local shoppers care about the company’s focus on social equity? How did they activate their mission and make it authentic in how they operate, communicate and give back to the community?



Working closely with their leadership teams, company founders and social equity partners, we developed a Brand Strategy that would guide the mas they prepared for grand opening, local marketing and media relations.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Launch Strategy
  • Website Design

Understanding the market with unprecedented insight.

Our in-depth Audience Demographic Insights let Rose Mary Jane get to know their neighbors before opening up shop. Since the cannabis retailer was located directly across from the local Whole Foods, we ran geo-spatial reports of the perimeter of Whole Foods and surrounding businesses to better understand the demographics of foot traffic in the neighborhood. We learned about demographics, lifestyles, values and shopping habits of the local shoppers, and tailored our advertising tactics and messaging to suit them.

We found that much of the demographic data were aligned with Rose Mary Jane’s brand. We cautioned the client that they be careful not to be too feminine that they alienate men, which are still the primary consumer of cannabis.

Some the data we found were:

  • 52% female
  • 72% unmarried
  • 76% have children
  • Boomers & Millennials are predominantly Caucasian, followed by Hispance and African American
  • Gen X & Gen Z are predominantly Hispanic, followed by Caucasians and African Americans
  • Many make political and community based donations
  • They buy things by mail and are responsive to direct mail
  • A large portion have pets

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Email Marketing

Building a lead magnet that positions and builds a brand.

Through the power of our compliant email marketing platform and proprietary consumer database, automated introductory emails were sent to all potential cannabis shoppers within a five mile radius to the store. We created a sequence of emails that introduced the new shop, invited locals to participate in the grand opening and to take advantage of special promotions.

Programmatic Advertising

Leveraging the industry’s first programmatic ad platform.

Navigating the murky waters of cannabis regulations is daunting, but thanks for our proprietary complaint ad platform, we make advertising easy. Every element of our compliant platform was purpose-built to deliver the most effective digital solution. For Rose Mary Jane, our primary mission was to build brand awareness and promote their upcoming grand opening and 4/20promotions with an omni-channel strategy using email marketing and programmatic advertising.

Launch Strategy

Celebrating in a grand way.

In preparation for the store opening, we wanted to establish a loyal customer base that grows steadily from month over month. We knew the key to winning customer loyalty and trust would be to demonstrate the tangible impact RMJ was making in the community and to provide a welcoming, enjoyable, inclusive experience.

The highlight of our launch strategy was the Grand Opening Event. The purpose was to introduce potential customers to the new cannabis retail boutique and to strengthen relationships with the media, influencers and the local community. Our goal was to establish Rose Mary Jane as a meaningful community partner that is actively advancing important social equity causes.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Rose Mary Jane wanted to leverage our deep UI/UX experience. With the ability to offer curbside pickup, the online experience was just as important as the in-store. We designed the digital shopping experience on both desktop and their proprietary mobile app. It was important that we mirrored the in-store experience and the pillar on the Rose Mary Jane brand by letting the customer “Craft Their Experience” concept via a Virtual Shopping Guide and experienced-based shopping theme.

The Virtual Shopping Guide provides the customer with intelligent product recommendations by asking a few questions about the outcome they’re seeking, the form they prefer and their preferences for taste and experience. The experienced-based shopping themes categorize products by desired outcome of Discovery, Adventurous, Unwind, Social, Nightlife and Wellness. The patent-pending technology empowers by quickly finding the best product for them for the right occasion and mood-based outcome.

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