Know Your Customer: Generation Z

Generation Z

Every brand needs to intimately understand their target audiences to craft tailored messaging and strategies that will resonate with them. Marketers should make each generation their brand advocate. But each generation has different triggers that motivate them such as:

Generation Z (Ages 16-23)

  • 38% - Love for the brand
  • 24% - The feeling of taking part and being involved
  • 22% - Access to exclusive content or services
  • 13% - Expect their personal finances to get worse in the next 6 months.

Gen Zers are the youngest, most ethnically-diverse and largest generation in American history comprising 27% of the US population. Gen Z grew up with technology, the Internet and social media.  There have been many negative stereotypes over Gen Zers as selfie-obsessed snowflakes who don’t understand the value of hard work.  In the past two years, waves of young Americans have graduated school and have entered the workforce. 

But the world they entered is drastically different from anything experienced by previous generations. In the United States, the way we earn and spend our money will never return to the pre-pandemic status quo. Yet, for many Gen Zers, this new normal is just that–normal. With less spending power at their disposal, Gen Zers need all the help they can get to buy affordable eco-friendly products.

Growth of Gen Z Customers on 4/20

According to a new study released by, Gen Z consumers are quickly embracing the cannabis space and are making decisions that have signfiicant impacts to the trajectory and trends that we see in the industry.


When it comes to sales on 4/20, Gen Z consumers appear to be the most engaged cohort of customers. For the past two years, this age group had by far the largest relative sales increase. Surprisingly, Gen Z consumers increased their average daily spend by more than 3X in comparison to the previous four weeks.

What Cannabis Products are Gen Zers Purchasing?


Here we can see that beverages had the largest rise in sales to Gen Z customers. Edibles and Pre-Rolls also performed particularly well.

According to Insider Intelligence, Generation Z will soon become the most pivotal generation to the future of retail, and many will have huge spending power by 2026. While Generation Zers are still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, climate change continues to weigh heavily on their lifestyle choices for many years to come. This generation of consumers have arrived at a time of unprecedented change, forcing brands to ditch outdated perceptions that Gen Z are anything like millennials, and are forcing to adapt to new strategies that enable them to successfully engage with this generation.

While it may be easy to assume Gen Zers would be similar to Millennials, the more data we uncover on Gen Zers, the more we realize how truly unique they are. Gen Z will soon become the largest consumer segment, so it’s never been more important for brands and marketers to get a better understanding of tendencies and digital expectations.

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