Get Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Get Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

It’s that time of the year when brands and retailers need to be thinking about prepping for the holiday shopping season which kicks off on Thanksgiving to New Years. This year marks the first post-COVID-19 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  While reduced hours and social distancing may limit in-store purchases,  eCommerce giants like Amazon and the direct-to-consumer companies like Warby Parker and Casper are poised to take advantage of their online capabilities.

Are you ready?

Creating an effective marketing strategy should leverage social media, paid search, and programmatic ad campaigns allowing marketers to build anticipation by creating a sense of urgency by offering limited time offers. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a great motivator and explains why throngs of shoppers stand in line to take advantage of purchasing special limited time deals. As we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers and brands need to plan to stand out and avoid being drowned out by the white noise.

One way of doing that is running your ad campaign on multiple channels.

Power of Amplification

A study by USA Touch Points revealed that by adding out-of-home media to smartphone campaigns can increased click-thru-rates by 316%. The improved relevancy of mobile ads when paired with other channels such as email, social, paid search and OOH should be an important part of your campaign strategy. This omni-channel approach helps build awareness, but ensures that your message will have higher resonance and recall, increasing better engagement and click-thru-rates.

An effective mobile strategy should consider:

  • Audience Segmentation: targeting devices based on demographics, browsing behavior and locations
  • Geo-Conquesting: targeted devices who visit your competitors physical locations
  • Geo-Framing: targeted devices who have visited specific locations in the past
  • Retail Attribution: measuring devices that were served an impression and later entered a physical location
  • Retargeting: delivering additional messages to a device that were served an impression or who engaged with an ad previously

User Experience

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday season, it’s important that your website is optimized not only for speed, but also for mobile users.   It is estimated that about $1 in every $4 generated online was on a mobile device.  Around 2 billion shoppers made purchases from a mobile device in 2019, with approximately 95% of shoppers conducting research from their device prior to completing an in-store or an online checkout.

First Impressions Are Everything

If that is not enough to convince you, consider the consequences of not having a mobile first website.  Online shoppers who have a negative experience on your website are 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future. Google claims that for every one second delay in mobile load times can negatively impact conversions by 20%.  Ensuring your eCommerce website is optimized for speed and mobile users are important elements to the user experience.

How Important Is Mobile?

Consider these stats:

Last year mobile commerce sales broke records on both Flack Friday ($2.9 Billion) and Cyber Monday ($3.1 Billion).  With sales like these, it’s safe to say that having your website optimized for mobile is not a nice-to-have, but a necessity.

Interested In Learning More?

We understand the challenges small businesses are facing. If you would like to learn more about shifting your marketing strategies to grow your marketshare and bottom line, let’s have a conversation.  Stay informed to receive our Marketing Matters White Paper Series and Newsletter.

WUNDERWORX provides the power of real-time compliant programmatic advertising across all devices and media, leveraging sophisticated geo-spatial audience building technology from our easy-to-use platform.  Let us demonstrate how programmatic, paid search and SEO can reduce wasted ad spend and time to conversion.

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