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Today a consumer’s interactions with your brand often involve a variety of online touch points, spanning several channels and devices. It is no different for public relations. The cannabis industry is still relatively new–and the mainstream media has many questions and would love to learn more. Let WUNDERWORX work to get your brand media coverage.

We have one singular focus—-to rapidly scale your brand awareness as fast as possible. We help you build a stronger online reputation, through clear messaging, media distribution, and press coverage.


Communications Strategy


Media Relations

Media RelationsWe have a long history of turning media contacts into collaborators —and collaborators into trusted advocates of our clients. We’ve spent years building media relationships across TV, radio, print media, and online platforms, and have the results to prove it. 

We can create a comprehensive Communications Strategy, covering:
- Press Material Development
- Customized Pitch Consultation
- Press Release Creation
- Newswire Distribution
- Editorial Roundtables
- Earned Media


Event Marketing

Event MarketingNo event is too large or too small. We’ve done it all. From small-scale sampling initiatives to large-scale guerilla marketing events to grand store openings, we’ll help you define goals and create meaningful moments. We handle everything including planning, logistics and execution. . Our extensive media relationships combined with our social media know-how ensures news of your event reaches as many potential customers as possible. 

Our Event Marketing prowess includes:
- Webinars
- Live Streaming Events
- Trade Shows
- Event Planning & Logistics
- On-Site Media Moments


Thought Leadership

We’re well-versed in securing speaking and content opportunities, both paid and earned, to position you as credible industry experts. We build awareness about your brand, and pitch you as the POV worth listening to. Adding your voice to relevant industry conversations is a critical aspect of reputation management and helps to ensure the brand stays top of mind among peers and customers alike.

Bylined Articles
- Case Study Development
- Speaking Opportunities
- Panel Participation
- Media Interviews
- Content Creation



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We provide the power of real-time compliant advertising across all devices and media, leveraging geo-spatial audience building technology, SEO and Pay-Per-Click services.

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