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In order to get started, it is best to understand the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your website.

  • How many monthly unique website visitors do you receive?
  • How many monthly returning website visitors do you receive?
  • How many monthly new orders does your website produce?
  • How many monthly returning customers place orders each month?
  • What is your Average Order Value?
  • What is your current Customer Acquisition Strategy?
  • What is your current Customer Acquisition Costs?
  • What is your Life Time Customer Value?
  • Do you have a nurturing CRM platform in place?
  • What forms of organic traffic do you employ?
  • What forms of paid advertising do you employ?



Installing an email CRM solution like Klaviyo is only a simple API integration away from SAVVY DATA. Once in place the following needs to

  • Create audience segmentations such as:
           -  Savvy Data Identifications
           -  Existing Customers
           -  New Customers
            -  Stale Customers
           -  VIP Customers
  • Create conversion email workflows and offers



Install our simple javascript pixel in the header of your website. Within an hour we double check that it is fired off and you can have your first-party data in real time.



Depending upon your strategy, you can effectively start leveraging your firstparty data by sending special offers to your online visitors whether that be SMS, email marketing, telemarketing or direct mail.

To learn more about the Savvy Data Customer Data Platform : [CLICK HERE]



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