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Email marketing is one of most effective channels in your arsenal. Personalized email marketing beats all other marketing tools in terms of increasing ROI. Email marketing, unlike any other channel, touches every stage of the sales funnel. Whether you are B2B or B2C, email marketing is incredibly versatile—and it is the only channel you truly own.


Email Marketing


Email Marketing to Nurture Customers

78% of marketers believe email marketing automation is most responsible for boosting revenue. Nurture emails are increasingly valuable for customer retention and turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers. Automated nurturing emails follow the consumer across the entire buyer’s journey. From abandoned carts to thank you emails to loyalty and promotional offerings, an effective nurturing email solution keeps customers happy, grows sales, and generates more qualified leads.

Our nurturing email marketing includes:
- Kavyio Website Integration
- CRM Audience Segmentation
- Create Automation Workflows
- Create Custom Email Templates
- Copywriting, Call-to-Actions, A/B Test Subject Lines
- Graphic Design
- Monthly Promotional and Newsletter Creation


B2B Email Marketing

The average user receives over two hundred emails a day, but humans have a nine second attention span. Outreach emails should articulate your value proposition quickly and be hyper-targeted. Our campaigns are focused on the ideal target from Product Buyers, General Managers to C-level executives. Our goal is to secure highly qualified appointments to close business for our B2B clients.
What to expect with our B2B outreach email marketing:

- Week One: Research your company, ascertain your digital assets, craft value propositions, and map ideal target companies and prospects.

- Month One: Build a pipeline of leads, warm up prospects, schedule a small number of product demos and introduction calls.

- Month Two: Nurture early opportunities, as they mature through the sales funnel. We expect first quotes and bids to roll out.

- Month Three: By this point, we expect real progress, with contracts in negotiation and quotes moving forward.


B2C Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing is only as effective as the quality of the email and the source of list. Our proprietary North American Consumer solution leverages our in-house four-terabyte database of 260M+ consumers containing 700 to 2,000 records each.

Our nurturing email marketing includes:
- Birth Days
- Home and Email Addresses
- Occupation
- Gender
- Household Income
- Landline and Cell Phones
- IP Addresses
- Ethnicity
- Education
- Renter vs Home Ownership
- Children & Ages
- Activities and Hobbies
- Political Views
- Charities



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