Great Design

Is a Force of Nature

Memorable wins —every time. Our team of talented graphic, industrial, package and web designers are trained professionals who apply art and visual communication to craft advertisements and other company assets, including website, presentation, sales literature, UX/UI app development and package design.


Illustrative Design


Visual Design

How does your brand come to life? Today, good isn’t just a nice-to-have creative pursuit. It’s a business necessity because everything else is just more noise. We use contemporary visual design theory to enhance an aesthetic appeal and usability that compliments a brand’s unique style and voice. Design fundamentals like color theory and typography contribute to the look, feel and tone of the final product


Presentation Design

Presentations should tell a story. Demonstrating company values; confirming goals to employees; or pitching investors, partners and the general public on a vision. Presentations communicate strategies in a concise, straightforward manner. We understand the science of capturing attention, while still delivering essential information with on-brand messaging.


Logo Design

Brand identity is more science than art. Your logo serves as the main visual cue between a consumer and your brand.  Whether you are  rebranding or starting fresh, WUNDERWORX explores every element of a brand’s identity to craft a meaningful logo, including inspirations, color palettes, typography, and much more. 


Graphic Design

Graphic design takes many forms, from animated eye popping digital ads to emails that encourage open rates and click-thrus to illustrative infographics that tell a story. Our team of graphic designers can help you communicate effectively.


Package Design

Packaging is one of the most elemental expressions of your brand. It is a physical manifestation of values, aesthetics, and vision.Packaging isn’t just a necessity, it’s an art form. At WONDERWORX we understand your customers’ subconscious desires, allowing us to identify and create compelling packaging solutions, engineered with the user’s experience in mind.



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We provide the power of real-time compliant advertising across all devices and media, leveraging geo-spatial audience building technology, SEO and Pay-Per-Click services.

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