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Connecting with customers starts with understanding the path to conversion. Today, consumers move seamlessly from one screen to another, beginning a journey on one device and ending it on an entirely different one. This convergence of media and technology is dynamic and fragmented, and has changed the very nature of consumer behavior. At WUNDERWORX, we help cannabis brands navigate these complexities, follow customers across devices, to rise above the noise and get noticed.


Programmatic Advertising


Establish KPIs

A successful programmatic ad campaign should marry the message, the medium, and the audience. A simple formula that can be modeled, planned and supercharged through inventive creative work. Are you building brand awareness for a new product or dispensary opening? Are you aiming to capture greater market share by driving sales? We start by uncovering your goals, and build from there.


Audience Building

Imagine having the ability to target any audience, on any device, at any time.  Our proprietary technology  anticipates customer intent, and goes far beyond simple geo-fencing. By understanding human behavior and connecting intent with purchase data, we find qualified audiences  in order to begin meaningful conversations.We build qualified audiences by leveraging geographic, demographic and psychographic data.


Campaign Creation

Do you work with an internal creative team or use external partners? Regardless, our ad ops team assists with the creation of banner or video ads, following compliant specifications. Don’t have a creative agency? Relax, you are in good hands. Our creative team will craft ad campaign concepts with mood boards, copy and create multiple ad units for A/B testing.

See For Yourself


Data Collection

Once we launch your campaign, we start capturing, assigning, and mapping identifiers to your target audiences. Using our custom identity graphing tools, we collect and map highly targeted, valuable data. We leverage cross-device user data and tightly geo-framed audience data through our proprietary intelligent tracking pixels placed within your website, eCommerce platform, POS and CRM. All in compliance with identity-safe, ethical, and legal third-party data rules.


Cross-Channel Delivery

We then use your custom identity graphs to provide cross-channel ads. WUNDERWORX’s unmatched global ad inventory includes over 36,500 top canna-friendly publishers, delivering superior placement that reach far beyond display and native ads. Using our exclusive private marketplace and proprietary ad server, we’re able to serve your ads on mobile, audio, video, connected TV, social, and more.

Our advanced traffic quality and fraud detection tools constantly monitor placements to ensure every campaign reaches real human audiences—not bots. Our platform ensures you are well positioned in high-visibility locations that operate in compliance with all local and regional cannabis regulations. Utilizing our dashboard you'll be able to monitor campaign success, to see which ad units are trending, right down the actual sales transactions themselves.
Our Programmatic Solution includes:
- Ad Campaign Strategy
- Ad Unit Creation
- Copy CreationA/B Testing
- Monthly Optimization
- Conversion Tracking
- Online Analytics Dashboard
- Monthly Campaign Reporting



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We provide the power of real-time compliant advertising across all devices and media, leveraging geo-spatial audience building technology, SEO and Pay-Per-Click services.

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