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Welcome to the attention-span economy. Consumers only remember brands they buy from. Everything else is noise. At WUNDERWORX, we define opportunities, design highly targeted audiences, and create experiences that inspire. We make commerce happen with predictive intelligence leveraging demographic, psychographic and behavioral targeting.

Avoid wasted ad spend by knowing your audience. Understanding your next customer, where they are, and what appeals to them, gives you a leg up. We use audience targeting across all of our omni-channel solutions including programmatic, paid search, and email marketing.


Consumer Intelligence



Our consumer database employs the power of four terabytes of up-to-date consumer data on 260+ million American and 25+ million Canadian adults. This unprecedented intel delivers consumer intelligence on an extraordinary scale. We generate effective predictive analytics and audience targeting, maximizing the overall response to your marketing campaign. Through the use of statistical analysis, we provide greater consumer intelligence and insights into your existing and prospective customers.

A segment of our data includes:
- Date of Birth
- Marital Status
- Education
- Ethnicity
- Gender
- Occupation
- Mail Order Buyers
- Children and Ages
- Household Income
- Credit Ratings
- Landline and Cell Phone Numbers (Including Carriers)
- Home Address
- Email Addresses
- I.P. Addresses
- Homeownership vs Renters
- Charities
- Activities and Hobbies
- Political Views


Phone Appending Services

Missing a phone number? Want to launch an outbound call campaign? Our data scientists have more than 30 years of combined experience with data appending and enhancement services. Our records fall into endless verticals to find the greatest opportunity for success. We create a seamless sales pipeline with our phone, email, and device ID append and reverse append solutions.

Our customized phone append solutions give you the best coverage for your needs by blending multiple data records that include:

- Daily updated telco-sourced consumer and business directory listings with over 170 million records

- 215 million compiled listings from white and yellow page directories nationwide

- Multiple levels of match logic for the perfect balance of match rate and accuracy


Email Appending Services

Enhance your customer communication through the WUNDERWORX email append service. Whether you are looking to up-sell, cross-sell, or re-engage less active customers, email communication is arguably the most cost effective manner of customer communication.  Our email data is verified and validated to identify email addresses associated with role accounts, complainers, hard bounces, invalide domains and spam traps.

- The data is compiled from first, second and thirty-party opt-in data sources

- Our database scores addresses based on number of reported sources, and other verifications

- Ongoing monthly updates add new new records while purging old

WUNDERWORX uses customized match logic to balance match rate and accuracy. We maintain a meticulously compiled database for append and reverse append projects, and we also house a separate suppression file of over 460 million records. These are email addresses that are obsolete, fraudulent, spam traps or complainers —none of which you want in your customer database. This expansive dataset helps reduce the risk to campaign, by damaging  your online sending reputation.



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