Press Release: WUNDERWORX and PrograMetrix Launch Partnership to Help Cannabis and CBD Brands Achieve Mainstream Marketing Success

PrograMetrix has partnered with Wunderworx to better serve early-stage cannabis and CBD companies that are entering or reinventing themselves in the cannabis space, the partnership offers a bundle of services including: Branding, Go-To-Market Strategy, Website & App Design, and essential Digital Marketing Solutions.


Hyper-Targeting Is Personalization On Steroids

Personalization should be an essential part of building a successful advertising campaign. Today, customers want to feel special.


5 Steps Of A Successful Ad Campaign

As we have previously blogged about how today’s connected society relies on their mobile smartphones, agencies should be consulting with your clients on developing a mobile marketing strategy that not only builds awareness but drives customers into their establishments such as restaurants, salons, stores, etc. or eCommerce websites.