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Getting Started

Stand Out in an Oversaturated Market: Notes for CBD Startups

Are you launching a new CBD company? Here are 5 tips from industry insiders on a go-to-market strategy that works in a heavily crowded market.


Market Research Critical Tool for Launching a Cannabis Brand

Market Research for Cannabis Brands - Unlock the potential of market research in shaping successful cannabis brands.


Get Ready For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

It’s that time of the year when brands and retailers need to be thinking about prepping for the holiday shopping season which kicks off on Thanksgiving to New Years. This year marks the first post-COVID-19 Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While reduced hours and social distancing may limit in-store purchases, eCommerce giants like Amazon and the direct-to-consumer companies like Warby Parker and Casper are poised to take advantage of their online capabilities.


And The Winner Is...

While the presidential outcome may be decided in the coming days or weeks, there was one undisputed big winner on November 3rd; the legal cannabis industry. Yesterday, all five states that had cannabis legalization on the ballots passed with overwhelming support.

Getting Started


Face it, ad tech can be a complicated landscape, fraught with fraud and lack of transparency.

Getting Started

Glossary Of Digital Advertising Terms

No wonder thanks to geo-spatial ad tech the digital advertising industry is thriving. Now you can reacquaint or educate yourself in this comprehensive advertising glossary.


The Science of Defining A Target Audience

Consumer behavior is becoming more and more complex. But thanks to technology, defining and targeting an audience isn’t rocket science.


Hyper-Targeting Is Personalization On Steroids

Personalization should be an essential part of building a successful advertising campaign. Today, customers want to feel special.


5 Steps Of A Successful Ad Campaign

As we have previously blogged about how today’s connected society relies on their mobile smartphones, agencies should be consulting with your clients on developing a mobile marketing strategy that not only builds awareness but drives customers into their establishments such as restaurants, salons, stores, etc. or eCommerce websites.