4/20 Failure

Dutchie goes down on April 20th!

Getting Started

Creating a Content Strategy for Cannabis That Works: Tips from an Expert

Everyone is writing a blogs to boost organic traffic. But should you still invest in a content marketing strategy as a cannabis business? Short answer: yes. And here is how to get started.


Rolling Out Cannabis Delivery in BC and Beyond

Cannabis delivery is now legal in BC. As more markets open up and you’ve got to adapt to a delivery-hungry market. Here is how Programmatic Advertising can help.


An Opportunity for Retailers: NFL Launching into Cannabis Research

With the NFL funding cannabis research, it's time to pivot CBD marketing and advertising. It's time to focus on CBD for sports medicine and target a new demographic.


The Legal Cannabis Landscape Is Expanding

Stay updated on the expanding legal landscape of cannabis and its impact on businesses and consumers.


Vape Shipping Ban of 2021

Explore the implications of the 2021 vape shipping ban and stay informed about changes in the industry.


How To Capitalize On The Biggest Cannabis Holiday

April 20th is revered by cannabis consumers around the world. Why is this date so celebrated, and why you need to make sure your cannabis-based business doesn’t miss out on the Black Friday of weed?


White House Action Against Pot Use

Hypocritical is one word getting thrown around by the media to describe the White House firing staffers for past cannabis use. What's perhaps more interesting than the news itself is the rapid cacophony of criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.


Lawmakers Want To Cap THC

Colorado is changing the American cannabis tune once again, but this time - the cannabis industry is angry.


NBA Extends Moratorium on Testing

What do the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Hockey League (NHL), and now the National Basketball Association (NBA) all have in common? America's biggest sports leagues are shifting their opinion about weed in sports.


COVID, Cannabis and Contract Tracing

Contrary to belief, COVID-19 has had some silver linings. Having been declared an “essential” business, recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries and delivery retailers were spared the consequences of their businesses being forced to lock down. While cannabis delivery companies have seen some spikes in sales since the pandemic outbreak, their brick-and-mortar counterparts have seen drops in foot traffic yet up-ticks in average basket sizes.


And The Winner Is...

While the presidential outcome may be decided in the coming days or weeks, there was one undisputed big winner on November 3rd; the legal cannabis industry. Yesterday, all five states that had cannabis legalization on the ballots passed with overwhelming support.